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How to Choose a Garage Door Repair Company?

As an intelligent homeowner, you should be familiar with the operations and potential problems associated with the garage door. You will have to use a garage door to park your car inside the garage.

The garage is also used to save other belongings like, seasonal items, bicycles, and other tools. There may be possibilities that the garage door will show irregular moves. If you experience some problems, you should immediately rush to a professional.  It is very important because you cannot keep your home and vehicle unsafe for long.

There are several garage door problems, ranging from minor issues like low batteries and loose moving parts to major issues like, garage door springs and opener replacement or repair. Still, the decision of hiring an expert lays in you and the problems they need for a job. The Pro Garage Door Minneapolis is a reputed and registered company that has skilled technicians who are always available to help you. The garage door basically operates with the support of garage door springs. Its moves depend on the special tracks made from steel. They are used to drive power from the garage door springs. Some common garage door repair tips may include:

You should check the functionality of brackets regularly to lubricate them. If you have a steel garage door then you can find some dents, crimp, or any other damaged area. You can fix them with the help of a rubber hammer and a wooden piece. In the case of serious damages, you will have to replace them as soon as possible. It is also good to inspect the positioning of the track. You need to maintain the alignment of metal tracks. It is also important to keep the tracks clean and lubricate.    

Don’t forget to service the hinges. Check all the moving parts carefully to find out any loose device. You need to tighten up all the loose brackets to make them function properly. The electric garage door opener is another important component. Unplug it and then connect it again to restart the sensor and reprogram the opener.  In serious cases, an expert will help you to troubleshoot the garage door opener issues. It is also wise to install the opener in the middle of the garage door.

Garage door springs are the main and important components of the garage door. They may break down with the passage of time as they are responsible to lift the weight of the garage door while opening and closing. These springs are placed under extreme tension that is why they can be dangerous to handle. It is also recommended to hire a professional garage door company to fix the garage door springs.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of contractors in today’s world that offer remarkable services at reasonable prices. A professional and registered company can give you practical and cost-effective suggestions to help with quick fixes. Always choose a company that offers a round of clock services. Hiring an expert technician is important to protect your vehicle and house.

Meet Michael Van Steele

Michael Van Steele is a graduate of our Advance Photography Course. Since then, he was able to start his own photography business and made a name for himself in this industry. He became a member of the prestigious Elite Photographers of America and has earned various international awards in the field of photography. Michael Van Steele has signed up with us once again, this time as an instructor for our Advance Photography Course. He says he wants to give back to our Blackbird Fly community for everything he has learned about photography. Michael will be teaching how to use Black and White Photography. Having won the celebrated Monochrome Awards, Michael Van Steele is truly in a position to share his knowledge about this field of photography. So, if you want to know more about Black and White Photography, enroll in our class now and learn from the master himself.

Michael shares with us a funny anecdote about how his love for photography started. “I used to take crappy pictures! They were way off that my then-girlfriend (who is now my wife) would get really mad whenever I would take a picture of her. The only major fight that we had when we were still boyfriend-girlfriend that I can remember was when we were on a vacation in Southeast Asia and she got mad because she took really good photos of me in the famous tourist spots in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia and well, I didn’t. So, she didn’t have any decent photos during our vacation. She was really upset. I said I was sorry and I vowed to myself that I would learn how to take nice photos of her. She didn’t know that I joined photography enthusiasts groups and that I enrolled in an advanced photography course. Life was never the same since then!

The Art Of Taking Pictures

The Art Of Taking Pictures

Everybody can take a picture. You just click the camera and that’s it, you have a picture. You are able to capture the view or occasion. However, not everyone can tell a story through the pictures that they have captured. There are pictures that are just that – pictures of people, places, and events and nothing more. Oftentimes, it is up to the viewer to think of what is going on in the background. But there are also pictures that convey thoughts, feelings, and emotions right from the start, from the moment that the viewer lays his or her eyes on them. These pictures take us to that place and time when the photograph was taken. It instantly makes us a part of the occasion, however simple or extravagant it may be. It makes us feel certain emotions just by looking at it. These are the pictures that are special because they capture the essence of the moment.

Taking good photos is both a talent and an art. It takes a different level of photography skills to be able to capture moments that come to life. The photographer must know the proper angles and frame to be able to get a good shot. It is made even more challenging when you have to capture a moving subject instead of a still one. The photographer must know how to play with the lights and even time of day just to get that perfect shot captured in the right moment. In other words, the photographer knows what he wants to see and what he wants the rest of the world to see through his pictures. That is why we say that photography is an art. It is an expression of the photographer’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas which are embodied in the digital or printed shots that he or she has taken. And it leaves a lasting impression on the viewers who have the opportunity to see art captured on film.

Photography Contest

Photography Contest

Calling all photo enthusiasts! It is time once again for our Annual Blackbird Fly Toy Camera Photography Contest. We invite you to submit your photos taken with the Blackbird Fly Toy Camera and get a chance to win our Photography Contest. We have different divisions depending on the subject of the photos. Division I is all about nature. Division II is all about people. Division III is about art and spaces around you. So, get your Blackbird Fly Toy Cameras on ready and capture your best shot. Deadline for submission of photos is on October 31, 2018. The announcement of winners for each division will be on November 15, 2018. Winners will receive brand new accessories for their Blackbird Fly Toy Cameras and a gift certificate amounting to $500 which they can use in our photography classes or gift shop.

The mechanics of the photography contest are:

1. This contest is open to all photo enthusiasts without professional experience. There is no age requirement so everyone is free to join!

2. Submit your photographs taken with the Blackbird Fly Toy Camera at photocontest@blackbirdfly.com. Include a title and a brief description or background information about your subject. This should not exceed 100 words.

3. Deadline of submission is on October 31, 2018. We will be choosing the finalists for each division on November 7, 2018.

4. Like our official Facebook page – Blackbird Fly Toy Camera. We will be uploading the chosen finalists for our photography contest on our Facebook page. Each division will have a separate album.

5. Ask your friends and family to like your photo. The photo that has gotten the most number of likes wins!

6. Winners will be notified through email. Details on how to claim your prizes shall also be included.

7. Unclaimed prizes after 60 days shall be forfeited.

Good luck to all!

Blackbird Fly Toy Camera: Takes Pictures To A Different Level

Blackbird Fly Toy Camera: Takes Pictures To A Different Level

The Blackbird Fly Toy Camera is a product of Superheadz Tokyo – the leading producer of quality cameras and photography essentials. The Blackbird Fly Toy Camera is a twin lens reflex camera – one lens is used for taking pictures while the other is for finding the perfect view. The lens is wide angle 33mm lens. Components of this camera let you play with the lighting – you can block the light if you want to and reduce its reflection on the screen allowing you to take the precise moment that you want to capture. You can take pictures using three formats – normal, square, and a large square. You can attach an optional flash and take multiple exposures. Its apertures are f/7 for cloudy and f/11 for sunny settings. The shutter speed is at 1/125 and B which gives you an opportunity to let in as much light as you want. The Blackbird Fly Toy Camera uses a 35mm film which is readily available in the market and even more convenient for you to have them developed at your nearest photo shop. It comes in fun and exciting colors to match your personality. And the best part is that it is very affordable. It is a camera fit for photo hobbyists to creative professionals – or in other words, it is for everyone!

Blackbird Fly Toy Camera: Takes Pictures To A Different Level

Our Blackbird Fly website is your online resource to enhance your knowledge and skills in photography. Take advantage of our free online photography classes or you can also enroll in our advanced photography courses facilitated by the best local photographers in our area. Great photographers are always in demand for different events and occasions. This is your opportunity to start your home based photography career as we give you the techniques and skills of the trade from startup to marketing your photography business. Get paid to do the thing that you love to do and enjoy the lifestyle of a freelance photographer! You can also sell your digital photos online to make money out of your photography hobby. We will teach you all you need to know to get your photography career started. Get paid and earn money even when you are just inside your garage doors in Tulsa.

Join our online community of photography enthusiasts. We will help you troubleshoot your Blackbird Fly Toy Camera or if there are some issues you encounter while using your gadget. We also share our ideas, tips, and techniques on how to capture those perfect moments on camera. Participate in discussions about the latest photography gadgets and accessories and read honest feedbacks and reviews from our fellow community members.

We have an annual photography contest which is open for all non-professional photo enthusiasts. Practice taking those perfect shots now. We have a division for nature, people, and art and spaces so you can choose to work on the subject that you love most. Submit your photos to us and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

Keep on taking those pictures using your Blackbird Fly Toy Camera!