Meet Michael Van Steele

Michael Van Steele is a graduate of our Advance Photography Course. Since then, he was able to start his own photography business and made a name for himself in this industry. He became a member of the prestigious Elite Photographers of America and has earned various international awards in the field of photography. Michael Van Steele has signed up with us once again, this time as an instructor for our Advance Photography Course. He says he wants to give back to our Blackbird Fly community for everything he has learned about photography. Michael will be teaching how to use Black and White Photography. Having won the celebrated Monochrome Awards, Michael Van Steele is truly in a position to share his knowledge about this field of photography. So, if you want to know more about Black and White Photography, enroll in our class now and learn from the master himself.

Michael shares with us a funny anecdote about how his love for photography started. “I used to take crappy pictures! They were way off that my then-girlfriend (who is now my wife) would get really mad whenever I would take a picture of her. The only major fight that we had when we were still boyfriend-girlfriend that I can remember was when we were on a vacation in Southeast Asia and she got mad because she took really good photos of me in the famous tourist spots in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia and well, I didn’t. So, she didn’t have any decent photos during our vacation. She was really upset. I said I was sorry and I vowed to myself that I would learn how to take nice photos of her. She didn’t know that I joined photography enthusiasts groups and that I enrolled in an advanced photography course. Life was never the same since then!